Should You Retire Near the Waterfront in Etobicoke?


What do your retirement dreams look like? It’s a topic that may rarely enter your consciousness until the time draws near. Life is busy, and there are countless things to do and think about right now. Who has time to think of retirement? 

However, early planning can lead to a much more desirable outcome, where you have plentiful options and a far less stressful transition. If you have a home in the GTA that you’ve owned for several years, you are also in an enviable position financially. What happens next depends on your goals and wishes. For many, retirement along the waterfront is the ultimate dream come true. In this post, we’ll show you how to turn that vision into reality right here in Etobicoke. 

Create Your Retirement Roadmap

Retiring and downsizing bring up a lot of questions, which is one more reason to start planning early. Knowing what city and what type of home you want to live in is just the beginning. Here are some other considerations to take into your planning stages:

  • When do you want to retire?
  • What type of support will you need from family members?
  • Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of the city or the quiet peacefulness of a tranquil neighbourhood?
  • What budget are you working with?
  • Do you plan to sell your existing home or keep it in your family?

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Understand the Challenges of Downsizing 

Moving is always challenging as selling and buying a house involve multiple moving pieces and a real estate market that is constantly changing. Downsizing from a larger home is often even more difficult because of the emotional impact. Each room is filled with memories, not to mention the many souvenirs and treasures you’ve collected over the years.

You can’t take it all to your next home, so you will have to make some heartwrenching decisions over what to keep and what to discard. No wonder decluttering is the part of downsizing that so many homeowners dread! However, the process does become a little easier and less stressful when you have an exciting goal that you look forward to, like finding that perfect home on the waterfront, for instance! 

Why Etobicoke?

As part of the great City of Toronto, Etobicoke offers a world-class quality of living, where you have access to every convenience and amenity, including excellent health care options and a dynamic support network.

If you want to stay active, there are several Older Adult Centres with recreational, social, and educational programs. You’ll also find several fitness facilities with programs where you can socialize and have fun as you get fit. 

In addition, the dining and shopping opportunities in Etobicoke are second to none! Just pop over to Sherway Gardens or the Albion-Islington BIA to experience this retail therapy paradise for yourself! Retiring in Etobicoke means having more time to enjoy the dynamic and exciting lifestyle this great city has to offer.

Why the Waterfront?

When retiring on the waterfront is within your reach, it changes the whole dynamic of the downsizing process. Selling your home is no longer something you dread because it brings you that much closer to your dream lifestyle. 

There’s just something almost magical about living so close to the shore, where you can open the window and hear the sound of laughter as people walk, run, or rollerblade by. Perhaps you can even catch a glimpse of the shore itself if you have a room with a view!

It’s not just the excitement of the bustling boardwalk lined with coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants with patios overlooking the water. You’ll also find plenty of parks where you can immerse yourself in nature and escape the stresses of the day. Imagine resting on a park bench, lost in your favourite book, as the sounds of the city disappear into the background.

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A Look at Your Options

You may feel called to the waterfront, but what if it’s the waterfront that’s calling you? It turns out that there are several new developments in Etobicoke that are built with active retirees in mind! Some are still under construction, and some are ready and waiting.

For example, Hearthstone by the Bay is a prestigious retirement community nestled right along the water’s edge. A warm ambiance includes a bar, games room, barbeque area, and swimming pool and ensures ample opportunities to socialize and meet new people.

Or you can downsize in luxury at a community like Adeline’s Lodge, an exclusive assisted living facility that offers a boutique lifestyle with all the supports and comforts of home! Retirement residences are far from your only option, however. 

Etobicoke offers plenty of upscale, modern condos and townhouses that are perfect for downsizers who want to make their retirement the best years of their lives! Just imagine a home within walking distance of the boardwalk, where you can enjoy a life of absolute convenience, natural beauty, and relaxation. 

Are you ready to make your waterfront retirement dreams a reality? Reach out to 647.232.7317  or email ana@asantos.ca with any questions or to get started today.