How to Find the Right Realtor® for Your Luxury Listing


What a whirlwind the Toronto real estate market has been in the last two years! We went from an unprecedented housing boom to a borderline buyer’s market all in a matter of a few months. Many homeowners looking to sell are now at a crossroads. Should you wait until prices rebound or sell now before they drop again? With yet another interest rate increase in early December 2022, it’s impossible to say what will happen next.

However, the luxury market, while affected, is never impacted as much by changing market conditions. Affluent buyers are far more insulated from inflation and rising interest rates. They act when they’re ready for a change rather than responding to external factors. 

That said, high-end real estate moves at a slower pace than the rest of the market simply because there is not as much demand. Those who can afford to pay top dollar for an upscale home are few and far between. Subtle differences in the luxury market mean a vastly different approach is needed. For the best results, you’ll want a real estate agent who understands the market from every angle. How do you spot a good agent from a bad one?

Warning Signs of a Bad Agent

If only bad real estate agents were as obvious as the scoundrels you often see on TV and in the movies! It would be easy to recognize them by their slick talk and swagger. But in the real world, the signs are often much more subtle. Now you’re dealing with real people who aren’t necessarily unethical. It’s far more likely that they are simply unsuitable for your premium listing. Here are some of the warning signs to watch out for:

The agent is inexperienced. 

Toronto has been in a seller’s market for the better part of five years. The recent boom inspired many people to become real estate agents. However, these new agents have never dealt with tough negotiations, low demand, and falling prices. And many of them have certainly never learned the subtle nuances of marketing and selling a luxury property. 

Of course, being a new agent isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker. Everyone has to start somewhere, and a newcomer may possess a great deal of skill and passion. Whoever you choose to work with, just make sure they have the numbers to back up their claims.

Once you find the right agent, you’re on the home stretch. However, here are some further resources to help you make the most of your sale:

They are unresponsive to your calls and messages. 

If an agent takes a week to return your call, imagine how long it will take to respond to a potential buyer interested in your property. Dedication to superior service is a must, especially for upscale homes.

The agent isn’t who you think you’re working with. 

There’s nothing wrong with working with a large team. However, you may think that you’ll receive personal representation from the well-known team leader. After signing the listing agreement, they promptly hand you off to a junior agent. 

The agent pressures you into signing a listing agreement.

Real estate is a business, and everyone wants to earn a living. Luxury listings are especially attractive to some agents. But no one should ever pressure you to sign a listing agreement before you’ve had a chance to review and understand it thoroughly. 

Dress your home for success if you want to earn top dollar! A few staging tips can go a long way!

Signs You’ve Found the Right Real Estate Agent

A good real estate agent knows that they can only be successful when their client gets results. They can back up every claim they make, and their reputation will speak for itself. What are some signs that indicate you’ve found the perfect match for your luxury listing?

They are committed to providing exceptional service for everyone, not just luxury clients.

Successful and ethical agents recognize that every client has dreams and goals and always strives to achieve the best possible results. If in doubt, ask for referrals from previous clients.

They have a solid online presence.

While many successful real estate agents are old-school, technology is changing fast. Today, luxury buyers who are pressed for time nearly always begin their search online. Many will only schedule an appointment to see the home after they’ve had a chance to research it ahead of time. Beautiful photos, videos, and interactive floorplans can make your listing stand out amongst competing sellers.

They have a solid track record.

Before agreeing to work with an agent, you’ll want to know how successful they are. A good agent won’t expect you to take their word for it either. They’ll be happy to show you their stats regarding how many clients they have represented in the past year, and how many have successfully sold their homes.

They have a strategic marketing plan for luxury properties.

High-end listings are different. Since the pool of qualified buyers is much smaller, your real estate agent should know how and where to advertise to maximize your exposure. Typically, this includes a strategic mix of online marketing, social media promotions, and print advertising. A network of other agents representing premium buyers will also help!

Your goals align.

Before signing a listing agreement, you want to be sure that your agent is highly qualified, has an outstanding work ethic, and is dedicated to getting you the best possible results. Above all, you want someone you feel comfortable with and whose goals and timeline align with yours. An in-person or virtual interview can give you a good idea of what an agent will be like to work with.

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