As longtime residents we had many of life’s milestones from high school to being married to raising children all in Etobicoke.  Our residence in Etobicoke had every conceivable convenience within walking distance and all these factors added up to a difficult decision as to whether or not to move to a new city to be closer to “the kids”.

Ana was recommended to us by a neighbour who had sold their son’s house quickly and efficiently.  While visiting our family out of town we went to a couple of open houses and found one that could suit our needs.

Following the neighbours comments about Ana we met informally where she listened to our dilemma and recognized the emotional issues we were struggling with. On Friday, we listened to her assessment of the current local market, she recognized the positives and negatives about our home and provided us with an estimated value while listening to our desired outcomes.   Well, by the end of the weekend, the deal was done in a calm, discreet, no-fuss, no drama transaction well over our estimated value.  It was over before we knew it, but Ana communicated throughout and she simply had our best interests in mind.  She was keen to follow up and has remained in touch to see how we made out in our new home which has already had regular visits from the kids.

After we sold in Etobicoke there seemed to be many people who were wrestling with the same dilemma about whether to move away from the convenience and longtime life events to new adventures closer to family members.

Our best advice is “Talk to Ana”.

Neil and Denise