Real Estate is a Family Affair: An Interview with Sara Branco


2021 has been an exciting year for our team. In addition to navigating one of the most electrifying real estate markets in recent history, we’ve also seen significant growth and changes to our team as we know it. 

One of the most thrilling developments recently was the addition of Sara Branco to the team. Sara is Ana’s daughter–and new real estate business partner. We sat down with Sara to learn more about her decision to join her mom in real estate and what the future holds!

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Q: First of all, what was it like growing up in a family that was so involved in real estate?

SB: Well, my mom didn’t get into real estate until I was slightly older, but before that, I was always tagging along with my mom to my grandfather’s job sites and showrooms, it was just part of our lives! I also have a very close relationship with my aunt who is an interior designer. She would always show me drawings, samples, and AutoCad. It was always so interesting for me to see how my mom would interact regularly with builders and designers–I was intrigued!


Q: What made you choose real estate as a career?

SB: When I was younger, because of my close relationship with my aunt, I always imagined I would go into design, but after working retail at University, I fell in love with sales. One of the biggest things I like about real estate is that it’s constantly changing. Your day is never the same and you will never get stuck doing repetitive tasks. 

In design, you’re usually spending people’s money, but in real estate I’m helping to make people money. It’s a great feeling.

There’s so much room to innovate and be flexible and creative. I love working with clients and knowing that they trust me with the biggest decision of their lives. In design, you’re usually spending people’s money, but in real estate, I’m helping to make people money. It’s a great feeling. I’m a super social person and I love maintaining personal relationships with my clients. It’s just always different and exciting.

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Q: So you fell in love with sales and the creative aspect of real estate, what made you want to team up with your mom?

SB: The real question is why wouldn’t I want to team up with her! I would always see how my mom interacted with her clients, building relationships, and really helping people. In university when I worked at Club Monaco, I would have specific clients come to the store to shop with me, and I would see the same thing happen–on a bigger scale–with my mom. She’s really inspiring and her honesty and ability to build relationships with clients really resonates with how I want to operate as a real estate agent. My mom and I have a really close, amazing relationship, so I thought ‘why not learn from the best.’

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Q: How are you similar and how are you different from your mom?

SB: I like to think I’m ‘Ana 2.0’! A lot of people–even other agents–say we sound alike on the phone. My mom is a shark, and she advocates so much for her clients all the time. Just being around her instills the same ideals in me. Maybe I’m a baby shark right now. I learn so much from her every day. Even though I’ve been around real estate, developments, and design for a lot of my life, I’m still fairly fresh in the industry as an agent. But I think that working with my mom, learning from her, and seeing how she trusts my instincts and supports me is really important, it’s an amazing environment to work in. 

My mom and I have a really close, amazing relationship, so I thought, ‘why not learn from the best.’

Q: What’s on the horizon? What do you see in your future with real estate?

SB: I would love to be as successful as my mother–not just in a business sense–but also emulating her poise and just the way she carries herself in general. She’s done such an amazing job building a business based on relationships. I grew up in Etobicoke, and now, when my mom and I are out, people on the street know her. She’s a celebrity. She’s had such an impact on the community and I would love to build relationships like that in my career. 

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Q: One last question: what’s your absolute favourite part of real estate?

SB: Oh, it has to be seeing client’s reactions after they sell or buy. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it! It’s so special to be part of this big momentous decision for them. First-time buyers are also really special. Seeing someone find their dream home or sell their house for a number they never could have imagined–just makes me so happy to see.

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