Home Staging Mistakes: 5 Blunders Sellers Should Avoid


When your goal is a quick and profitable home sale, the value of staging is undeniable. With the right paint, furniture, and decor, a true professional can optimize the look and feel of your property to attract your ideal buyer—but only if they do it right.

The fact is, not all home preparations are created equal. To get the highest possible return, it’s important to not only use the principles of design to best effect, but to avoid common staging mistakes that can turn buyers off. Working with an expert who has the right skill set is key.

When the time comes to sell your home, here are five staging missteps to avoid…

1) Not understanding the goal

Updating a property to make it more stylish is often part of the staging process, but there’s more to it than that. It’s about creating an aesthetic that will speak to a wide range of buyers—or broadening your pool as much as possible, if it’s a specific demographic you’re targeting. The key is choosing a stager who balances the contemporary with the timeless, all while highlighting liveability.

2) Failing to give your home any personality

Maximizing your home’s appeal is one of the main aims of staging, but the last thing you want to do is create a bland space. While it’s true that some buyers will see the potential beneath a lackluster surface, many won’t even consider purchasing a property unless it dazzles them from the outset. For this reason, it pays to work with a stager who has a vision for your home.

3) Giving your home too much personality

There’s no doubt that making your property stand out is key, but so is a buyer’s ability to envision it as their own. While some sellers sign off on bold looks, they often have limited appeal. That’s why conventional wisdom says you should keep your colour palette fairly neutral and your design relatively simple. Fortunately, there are ways to create a classic look without veering into boring territory.

4) Leaving family photos on display

Family photos—along with personal mementos and items with religious significance—can pose a significant distraction to potential buyers. Leaving them in view is one of the biggest mistakes that home sellers make. Fortunately, this faux pas is easily remedied. By removing and stowing away personal items, you’ll allow buyers to more clearly envision their lives in your home.

5) Not giving yourself enough time

An agent with staging expertise can bring out the best in your home, no matter the timeline. Having said that, you can expedite the process by taking some preparatory steps—such as decluttering your home and performing small repairs. Many sellers underestimate how long these tasks can take, so be sure to give yourself as much time as possible to complete them!

Carefully preparing a property, which includes avoiding common staging blunders, is one of the keys to a successful sale. Before you put your home on the market, make sure the agent you choose understands home preparations really are.

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