Home Showings: What Sellers Should Know


Preparing a home for the market takes time and effort, but it should feel seamless with the right agent. Showings should also be as hands-off as possible for you, though there are steps you can take to ensure your property makes a great impression. By knowing how to prepare—and getting familiar with the proper etiquette when buyers come calling—you can help pave the way for a smoother process.

If you’re preparing to show your home, here’s what you should know…


The first rule of showings is to make sure your home looks its absolute best. That’s where staging comes in. While an agent with creative vision will provide the aesthetic appeal, it’s your job to keep your living space in show-ready shape.

You’ll almost certainly need to up your cleaning frequency to preserve the hard work that’s gone into your home. Remember that being open to last-minute showings could improve your chances of receiving multiple offers—which is just one more reason to keep your property in near-pristine condition.


Many sellers believe they should be present during showings to answers questions, provide explanations, and get a sense of what buyers are thinking. That’s simply not the case.

When they’re viewing a property, potential purchasers need their space. With the seller present, they tend to feel rushed, awkward, and unable to speak their minds. For these reasons, vacating your home before a showing is crucial. That means having a plan for where you’ll go and what you’ll do when one arises.

Planning is especially important if you have young children. Ideally, you should have a bag packed with snacks, toys, and anything else you’re likely to need.


Pets can be a turnoff for some buyers, while others may be nervous in their presence. Either way, they’re bound to pose a distraction. For this reason, removing them for the period during which showings will be conducted is your best bet.

Look for a friend or family member who can care for your four-legged friends, or find a boarding facility you’re comfortable with. Once you know your pets are in good hands, it’s time to clean thoroughly—which means seeking out hidden stains, odours, and pet hair.


Having buyers enter your home when you’re not around may feel a little uncomfortable, but it’s a necessary part of the selling process. Fortunately, an experienced agent will answer all of your questions—whether they’re about timelines, the steps involved, or general security.

Of course, some sellers are also less-than-thrilled with the idea of strangers having a window into their lives. That said, the depersonalizing process—which entails removing family photos and other personal items—can help protect your privacy.

Lastly, given current COVID-19 concerns, feeling good about the health and safety precautions built into the process is critical. Ask your agent what they’re doing to eliminate potential contact with surfaces in your home. Whenever possible, they should also be able to implement digital solutions to reduce the number of visits to your property.

Home showings can make or break your sale, so getting them right is key. By following your agent’s guidance during this crucial time, you can increase your chances of finding the right buyer quickly!

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