5 Reasons To Sell Your Home in the Summer


If you’re like many home sellers, you may be carefully considering when to put your property on the market. While every season can provide unique benefits, summer just might be the perfect time to achieve your selling goals. From a more streamlined process to a highly-profitable result, the warmest months of the year can offer significant advantages for sellers who make the most of them.

If you’re ready to sell your home, here are five reasons why you might want to consider doing so in the summertime…

1) Better curb appeal

First impressions matter, which is why stunning curb appeal has the power to draw buyers through your front door. Fortunately, there’s no better time to beautify the exterior of your property than the summer. When the weather is at its warmest, take advantage of the bright sunshine and brilliant greenery to make your home stand out. Ensure that your lawn is healthy, that your gardens are well maintained, and that every decorative detail in your entranceway (from your mailbox to the coat of paint on your front door) are immaculate.

2) More time for preparations

Somehow, the weekends never quite feel long enough to perform those thorough home preparations you’ve been planning. Whether you’re repainting your living room, installing elegant light fixtures, or planting some ornate shrubbery, you’ll likely need to put some solid hours into the process. Fortunately, if you choose to take some vacation time in the summer, you’ll have the opportunity to make your home truly shine. This is the time of year to relax, carefully consider the improvements you plan to make, and carry them out with purpose.

3) Families are moving

There are always families in the market for new homes, but summer is an especially popular time for them to make purchase decisions. For many parents, July and August represent a low-stress period when they can focus on the home hunt without having to worry about after-school arrangements and extra-curricular activities. Closing before September also allows buyers to avoid interrupting the school year for their children. Put simply, if your living space is a good fit for families, this is the ideal time to put it on the market.

4) The weather brings buyers out

Warm weather isn’t just perfect for relaxing on a beach or enjoying the good life at the cottage. It also makes for optimal home-hunting conditions. There’s no shortage of buyers out scanning the streets to find “for sale” signs at this time of year—and when they see a property they like, they tend to act quickly. In other words: it pays to ensure that the exterior of your property is gorgeously maintained all summer long, especially given that the bright sunshine can highlight its best points.

5) A more convenient move

Packing up and moving from one home to another can present a challenge during the colder months. Winter slush and autumn mud can make the process stressful—and even lead to soiled possessions—while shorter days can mean less motivation to pack. While the possibility of rain is unavoidable, most summer days in the Toronto area are long, sunny, and dry. These weather conditions lend themselves well to a relatively easy and efficient move.

Hoping to sell your home before summer ends? Reach out to learn how I can help you prepare your property for a successful sale today.

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